Men’s Short Sleeve Speed Suit MSS20920

$30 - $70

This speed suit is a masterpiece of aerodynamics and comfort. It has a seamless bonding on the sleeve edge and the leg opening to prevent any unwanted bulging. It has a carbon knit fabric on the back panel to keep you cool and a high compressive Lycra® on the front of the top and bottom to support your muscles. It also has an aerodynamic striped side panel and dual stretch pockets for your convenience. Feel the wind in your hair with this suit that enhances your bike performance.


5 Pcs/Design








Key Features

  • Aero fit patterning that hugs your body for optimal aerodynamics and comfort.
  • A new aerodynamic sleeve construction.
    • strategically taped sleeve edge reduces sausage-arm effect with a seamless bonding.
    • A set-in part and a raglan part for a better style and fit
  • The front of the top and bottom has super tight Lycra fabric that is very compressed and offers superior muscle support.
  • Full aerodynamic striped side panel improve aerodynamic performance.
  • The breathable and cooling carbon weave fabric back panel keeps you cool and transfers sweat.
  • Raw cut leg opening with silicone printed inside eliminates “sausage-leg” effect and creates a smooth transition into the body without fabric riding up.
  • Dual stretch pockets on the back securely hold gel flasks and nutrition on the bike and run.
  • A 3D laser cut bright white silicone logo on the pocket create a distinctive identity
  •  Tri-specific chamois that cushions and protects your sensitive areas and reduces friction and irritation.
  • Available in the ECYKER Custom program.


Design Template

Template used by this product:

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