Our Ethical Practices

our ethical principles

Each successful eco-friendly brand is backed by an ethical apparel manufacturer. When ECYKER first started, we were intended to become an ethical cycling clothing manufacturer and all of our cycling garments are made by workers who receive fair wages, work in safe conditions, and have access to healthcare benefits.
We personally believe that happy workers equate to better-made clothes as workers are more motivated to do a good job if they work with good employment practices and in a safe conducive working environment.

ecyker we made your cycling clothing

Liveable wage for All positions

We offer at least 20% more than the average salary

Freely chosen this job

Anyone is free to choose this job and quit if don’t like it.

Open and honest communication

Anyone can give feedback to the CEO at any time via phone or WeChat.

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Factories & Working Conditions

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with proper lighting & sanitation facilities and the working conditions and equipment are safe as possible to prevent work-related injuries. Some examples are that there are no exposed electrical wiring/sockets, there is sufficient space between workstations, safety equipment like steel mesh and gloves and a facemask are available for use.

Ideal office temperature

Each workshop has air conditioning to guarantee the ideal working temperature.

Adequate breaks & mealtimes

Each employee has at least 3 hours of rest and meal breaks per day

Relaxed & productive atmosphere

At ecyker, we are like old friends to each other, we’d love to work together.

Organic Practices

We also work with fabric mills that are GOTS certified & OEKO-TEX 100 certified which have been tested to be safe for human use and using organic manufacturing practices.

In addition, we also use a lot of recycled fabrics to decrease the impact on the environment of materials used for apparel. All discarded fabric pieces will be collected and recycled.

ecyker oeko tex certificated fabric swatchs

GOTS /OKOTEX certificated fabric

Our fabrics are GOTS or OKOTEXT-100 certificated.

Recyclable products

We use recyclable materials in the product and packaging.

Low environmental impact

we have less waste in production and all discarded fabrics are recycled and reused.

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