Fit Guide

According to the cut, we describe our fits as club, race and aero.You can learn more about each fit below.


Our Relaxed fit is designed to fit slightly off the body for comfort while giving you a flattering, performance fit. The longer front of the jersey won’t ride up whether you’re cruising on the bike or hanging out at the coffee shop. The sleeves are slightly loose and shorter than our Race or Aero fit sleeves. The loose fit of this jersey allows room for a thicker base layer to be added during the cooler months.
relax fit cycling jersey women
race fit cycling race men


Our RACE fit is designed for a sleek, wrinkle-free fit while on the bike. These jerseys are cut shorter in the front to minimize zipper rippling and extra fabric bunching up and the seamless sleeves are fitted for a smooth, comfortable ride. Race cut is our most popular fit.


The AERO fit is designed to be a second skin that provides optimal compression and a more tight fit. It has a low-profile collar and shorter front zipper to eliminate “zipper ripples” while you’re bent over the bars cranking out watts and makes it easier for cyclists to put on their jerseys while they are still wearing their helmets.

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