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We strive to create high-quality cycling clothing. Our quality control system will thoroughly inspect each of your cycling jerseys.

100% inspection of all cycling Clothes

Cycling Clothing Quality Control in ecyker

At Ecyker, quality control inspections happen in every stage.From fabric selection, production, packing and shipping, we have strict requirements to ensure the quality of the final product. To Assess the quality of the apparel’s materials and workmanship, we are using a number of quality control checks and tests, including:

Our attitude towards product quality

Quality means meeting the needs of the customer, and quality is also what we rely on. We guarantee to our customers that if there are any quality issues with our garments, we will redo them for free.

We only use high quality cycling pads
A quality cycling pad not only ensures the cyclist's optimum comfort by reducing the pressure of their sit bones on the saddle and preventing friction while pedaling, but it also enhances their posture and performance.At ECYKER, we have strict quality requirements for our pads, and we require strict test certificates from our suppliers for each pad.
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We only use famous brand zippers
A zipper is one of the most crucial components of a garment. If the zipper is broken, the garment will not be worn. To ensure smooth zippers and stable and reliable quality, we only use SBS and YKK zippers, both internationally renowned brand, for all of our clothes.
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We only use high performance fabric for bibs
The Fabric with high tenacity yarn and hight spandex content will make the garment more compressive and comfortable to wear, especially for cycling bib shorts and tights, which can greatly protect the muscles of our legs. At Ecyker, we refuse to use inferior yarns and fabrics, and most of our cycling bib shorts fabrics have a spandex content of 30% or more.
We only make reinforced pockets
When we ride, we often carry items in our jersey pockets, such as cell phones, drinks, mineral water, and so on. However, if the pockets are not reinforced, the weight of the pockets will cause them to sag, making the ride uncomfortable and possibly tearing the pockets. Therefore, the pockets on all Ecyker jerseys are reinforced with anti-denting to keep the pockets in place and prevent them from being torn.
Strictly selected excellent, healthy fabrics
For high quality garments, excellent fabrics are a must. At Ecyker, we require our fabric suppliers to be OEKO-TEXT 100 certified to ensure that every fabric used is safe and healthy.
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We are committed to excellence in our craftsmanship and products
Exceptional clothing requires good craftsmanship; at ECYKER, we meticulously inspect every stage of the manufacturing process and encrypt the stitching of all clothing. Although this slows down our work efficiency, it ensures the quality of the clothes we produce, which we believe is worthwhile and reflects our attitude toward high-quality items.
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Our guarantee For Apparel's Workmanship

We have rigorous standards for the sewing and seaming process at Ecyker, and we will conduct a wide range of workmanship quality inspections on all types of cycling apparel. Before we dispatch the cycling clothing to our customers, we will thoroughly inspect the seam grin, stitching spacing, and sewing threads.

Seam Strength Check

We will conduct a simple seam strength test on the stressed portions of the cycling garments throughout the inspection process, and if there are any quality issues, we will ask to re-sew it.

Stiching distance check

we will adjusting distance between stitches to be consistent with the sample clothing and process requirements.

Sewing line check

Ecyker requires that the sewing line be straight and flat, with no undesirable phenomena such as bending or joint wiring.

Untrimmed threads check

Untrimmed threads indicate sloppy workmanship and give the clothing a “cheap” appearance to end users. We will not allow this to happen at ecyker.

More Inspections For Product Quality

In addition to the above-mentioned fabric and workmanship inspections, Ecyker also conducts comprehensive quality tests at other production stages to ensure that the product meets the customer’s requirements. Listed below are some of our specific practices.

ecyker cycling jersey general appearance check​

General appearance check

We will inspect the products to ensure that they have the same style, size, material, design, pattern, and color as specified.

ecyker cycling clothes fabric pieces check

Cutting piece inspection

Following the completion of the laser cutting, we thoroughly verify each piece of the garment to ensure it is ready for sewing. We will remove any items with stains, irregular colors, or uneven cutting.

ecyker cycling jersey bust measurement

Measurement and fitting test

We will measure the sample garments before mass production to ensure that the clothing size corresponds to the size chart. We also perform tests on real models or mannequins to get the best fit.

ecyker label check

Logo,Tag and Labels Check

We will thoroughly inspect each piece of clothing to ensure that the logo position is right, and add brand labels to the garment.

ecyker cycling jersey symmetry check

garment symmetry check

To ensure that each garment is symmetrical, we will ensure that the left and right sides of the garment are the same shape and size.

ecyker cycling jersey packing


All garments will be properly packaged, and our packaging team will perform an additional inspection while packaging. If a flaw is discovered, the unqualified candidates are weeded out.

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