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We provide private label cycling clothing service to assist you in capturing the attention of your end users and encouraging potential buyers to purchase the product.

A Private Label That Increases Your Brand’s Visibility

Ecyker is a cycling apparel manufacturer that provides private-label and tagging services to help your product stand out and encourage potential buyers to purchase it.Our private label manufacturer has the capacity and ability to meet the demands of high-end fashion labels, regardless of the complexity of the designs or the volume of garments needed.
heat press silicone logo of ecyker

no minimum order quantity For private Label & Logo

We have purchased advanced high accuracy CO2 laser marking machines to enable the manufacture of labels and logos of various sizes, materials, colors, and shapes in order to meet our customers’ various requests for private label or logo. Because we have our own equipment, there is no minimum order quantity, which is essential when you only require a sample before placing a big order.

Help Your Product Stand Out With Colorful Private Label & Logos

We purchase more than ten different colors of materials to manufacture different colors of logos or labels in order to provide more personalized possibilities. Using customized colorful labels for your brand will assist consumers recognize your brand and help your product stand out from the crowd of cycling apparel brands.

A Premium Label Serves As The Visage Of Your Apparel

You are what you wear, and the same goes for labels. Stand out from the crowd of cycling clothing brands with custom-made labels that make your products seem even more appetizing. With premium materials, a variety of shape options, and a plethora of colors to choose from, we can turn your label into both a conversation starter as well as a quality assurance.
custom poly bags design

Your Bag With Your Logo

Attractive bags are an important aspect of clothes businesses, and we can provide customized bags based on your specifications. We typically use polyester bags to securely package our clients’ items and put client’s logo on each bag to boost your brand identification.

Let's Build You Brand Together!

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